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Miller County was organized in February 25,369 and named for John Miller, former U.S. Representative and Governor of Missouri. The county seat is Tuscumbia, MO which was founded in 1837 along with the Sheriff's Office. Tuscumbia was named after a Chickasaw Indian Chieftain and pronounced Tash-Ka-Ambi and means "warrior that kills."

The county of Miller is located in central Missouri between Camden and Cole Counties. The county of Miller has a population of 24,817 permanent residents, which increases greatly during the summer months because of tourists and seasonal residents around Lake of the Ozarks and covers approximately 600 square miles.

The county of Miller is patrolled 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and maintains a 112 bed jail facility. The Miller County Sheriff's Office provides law enforcement and public safety services, including DARE programs to three local school districts, to thirteen cities within our jurisdiction, nine of which have no municipal law enforcement agencies to patrol their cities. The Miller County Sheriff's Office has mutual aid agreements with four municipal law enforcement agencies, both assisting those agencies as well as calling upon their assistance when needed.